Shameful Doctor

Shameful Doctor

I’ve been absent again. I have just had a lousy few weeks. I have had a shitty year. If you have read my blog, I have that well documented. I’m tired of dealing with all the issues that keep occurring week in and week out. I just feel like I have not had one month where I wasn’t dealing with some issues. From sickness to bedbugs back to my chronic stomach issues, I honestly feel like I can’t catch a break. Now my multiple sclerosis symptoms are all out of whack. Seasonal change maybe??? My old therapist use to always say that when I’d complain of sudden difficulties completing my therapy routine. Now I am having difficulty doing my workouts. I have had trouble transferring. Transferring to my wheelchair first thing in the morning after I slept well for the night. I have had trouble just getting into the standing position from my bed. WTF, I thought I have dealt with this hurdle in April and May. Being able to stand up again to transfer was hard enough to relearn once this year, I really don’t think it is fair to once again have problems with this issue. I have my Rituxan infusion on Sunday and I’m looking forward to having it done. I’m hoping the steroids will give me a much needed boost. On a positive note, I had NO problems setting up my infusion this time. My gastric issues, this is why I haven’t blogged in a week. This is quite a story.

How long have I been dealing with my stomach issues??? I think I stopped taking Linzess in April. Which my doctor knew. As things started to get worse I kept in contact with him at least monthly starting by June via tela-health. August was my first stool sample. When we repeated the stool sample he decided that he wanted to see me in person. He transferred me to his receptionist. Unfortunately, he was really booked. I already had another tela-health visit scheduled so they changed it to the in person visit. This was for October 21st which was almost a month from the conversation I just had with the doctor.

I had to arrange for medical transportation through my insurance. We set this up for a pickup 45 minutes prior to my appointment. This was my first time ever using medical transportation. There is a very good reason why. I sat outside from 2:05-3:00 until the transportation came. My appointment was for 3:00. Thankfully the doctor was only 10 minutes from my house. I was stressed out about being late. I was nervous because my stomach issues have been so bad I couldn’t imagine not being seen by the doctor. It was just a bad situation. Plus my body was already showing signs of fatigue sitting in the wheelchair.

Well my doctor walks in and starts off talking about my pancreatic enzyme numbers. We discussed this in the last tela-health. He then says I need a colonoscopy as well as a MRI of my pancreas. Again, things we discussed the prior month. The next thing he says is, “I can’t help you though because I’m retiring next week…didn’t you get the letter? If I order the tests I won’t be around to see the results”. ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING!!!!! Why the hell did you make me come in the office. I’ve been doing these phone video conferences with this man for 6 months from my bed. Even though I said on numerous occasions what is wrong with me, you couldn’t see I’m in a bed when we speak. I finally come in to the office to tell me you’re retiring. Why would you not have sent me for the MRI before this appointment at the very least? What kind of doctor are you??? Was billing Medicare for the in person visit so important? He took me too a receptionist to make another appointment with a new gastroenterologist. They made an appointment. I got a piece of paper with an address. I didn’t have the date, time, doctors name or the office name. Turns out this office was 40 minutes away. I was just in shock by the audacity and nerve of my doctor that I couldn’t think straight. I now had to wait for the medical transportation to take me home. This whole experience took me around 3 1/2 hours for absolutely nothing. I’ve dealt with the doctors before, but this was one of the worst. I truly was so upset.

I did find another gastric doctor with wonderful reviews online. They were so wonderful to me from the moment I called them. I pulled up to their office and they have a greeter in the lot. From the greeter to the doctor and every single person in between this office was just amazing. I felt heard. I already have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy scheduled for November 10. I have already sent in another stool sample. This doctor wants to run all tests again. I never agreed with that my other doctor for not doing that on the second test. I even have a follow up appointment scheduled for a video so I don’t have to come back in. The doctor also gave me an idea of what he thinks is really possibly happening. He recommended me to purchase over-the-counter drugs because I need to reset my gut. It just felt good that somebody seems to be listening and doing something to help. What a difference.

Wish me luck with my infusion. I’ll blog about it on Monday. Have an excellent weekend.

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  1. So sorry you had to go through such a waste of time. Maybe it’s a good thing he is retiring?!?! Some people! SMH. I hope your infusion goes well!

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