A Lesson in a Course in Miracles

A Lesson in a Course in Miracles

I was practicing my Course in Miracles yesterday, and the days lesson was Miracles are seen in the Light. The idea of the lesson is that you are not your body. It is not your body’s eyes that see, it is your spirit that sees. It is your in your spiritual eyes that miracles are seen. I know that it sounds like a load of garbage. A Course in Miracles says

My dad started meditating when I was a very young girl. I remember him making us lay down to listen to these tapes all the time, regardless if we wanted to or not. At the time he was listening to guided meditations. I can still remember the instructions, during the meditation, and I will use it in some form to this day. I was maybe 10 years old when I had a true meditation experience. When you are young it is easier to let your guard down. You are able to go into a deep trance without resistance or skepticism. I felt myself come out of my body. I floated momentarily above myself in what I can only describe as an out of body experience. What the problem was in my 10 year old mind, it scared the shit out of me. That is why it was only momentarily. I got so scared I snapped myself back into the present. That was a really frightening feeling to a 10 year old who didn’t understand meditation. As meditation came back into my life later it was a feeling I wished I could obtain again but never happened.

Your efforts, however little they may be, have strong support. Did you but realize how great this strength, your doubts would vanish. Today we will devote ourselves to the attempt to let you feel this strength. When you have felt the strength in you, which makes all miracles within your easy reach, you will not doubt. The miracles your sense of weakness hides will leap into awareness as you feel the strength in you.

A Course in Miracles lesson 91

I think back to the meditation when I was 10 years old. I remember the feeling of floating above my body I remember the feeling of being separate from the body below. I knew than as I know now I am not my body. My body is the vehicle in which my spirit goes through this life. My body has multiple sclerosis. I do not. That is a very powerful realization. I can’t shed this body I’m this lifetime but it is only a body. It is not who I am. I’m sorry if you find this stuff corny. I find it comforting and wanted to share.

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