A UTI I Should Have Known

A UTI I Should Have Known

Good morning everyone. So, looks like my latest stretch of the last few weeks of suffering might be due to a UTI. Even though we are still waiting on the lab results, my doctor prescribed me antibiotics yesterday. However, when the culture does come back, we might have to change antibiotics based on the strain. I should’ve known. I can’t feel that area anymore yet my aide has said my urine has NOT been clear for a while now. I’ve been complaining that the pull-ups have been leaking. I drink so much water I just assumed I wasn’t peeing frequently, I was drinking excessively. We all know what UTI does to MS. I was urinating in a cup many times before I was doing a 4 day steroid infusion ruling out a UTI vs a relapse. You’d think after 25 years I would have put 2 and 2 together. I didn’t, but my doctor did. Now we are just waiting on the lab to get information on the strain. Hopefully the antibiotics prescribed will work for whatever strain shows up, otherwise we will have to switch.

Antibiotics are now my new enemy. With having had Clostridioides difficile or C. diff, I run a risk every time I’m on antibiotics. C-diff is when you get an infection in your large intestine causing diarrhea. It is typically caused by antibiotics. Once you have the toxins present in your stool, certain antibiotics can trigger a relapse of C-diff. C-not only causes diarrhea but can also cause damage to the colon. It is not something that we want to see happen. Starting on one antibiotic and then having to switch is not ideal. Of course my thinking was all about April 26th. That is my day for the next Rituxan infusion. I need to be better and antibiotic free for that day. That is why I’m crossing my fingers for the lab work to match the prescribed medication. I have 6 days left and time to be done before the infusion. I could than focus on that issue alone. God knows it will probably need my focus the way things are going lately.

On a happy note I finally got my hair done. I feel so much better. Here is happy me

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