A little truthful tale

A little truthful tale

Hello again. I’m on a roll now. So it was official, lab confirmed, a UTI. I saw my doctor last week. This could have become a dangerous situation for me. I could have wound up once again in the hospital needing IV antibiotics. I could have even ended up septic if the bacteria got into my bloodstream. It is how elderly can die from a UTI. It is when UTI symptoms aren’t realized and the infection goes undetected. My body spiked a fever, thankfully. My doctor explained my new problem that I will forever need to watch. My gastrointestinal issues and infections will cause UTI’s and vice versa. I now where pull-ups so cross contamination is easy. There are small things we could do to prevent cross contamination but I will forever have to be aware. My aides have to be aware. Once again it is something else on my plate that has completely changed since last year’s hospitalization. The change in my life is so dramatic it is hard to remain positive. I sometimes have retreated to a darker place. People think I’m depressed. I’m not depressed. I’m just not happy. I’m getting tired of fighting everyday for the smallest of accomplishments. I’m not even sure I’d call them accomplishments, is feeding my dogs an accomplishment? I don’t know anymore. Everything takes so much out of me. I always had a limited amount of spoons when I’d wake up each day. Seems like now I wake up with less and less month after month. My world is so small now. It’s a good thing I’ve always been a couch potato since that’s all I can do these days. It’s been tough.

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  1. I GOT YOU! I’m having a better than average week ( I know it’s only Monday), but I got you! Please call if you feel like talking. If you don’t, just know you are not alone.

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