What I Wish I Did

What I Wish I Did

I’ve been watching the Deadliest Catch. I would love to be on one of those Alaskan crab boat’s during those crazy weather storms. I would NEVER be a crabber but would LOVE to be in the wheelhouse. I would probably choose the Saga to hang out with Jake. He is one of the younger captains. Yet I find him an honest fisherman who really cares about his crew. Plus I think he’d be a fun hang. I’d also love to sleep on a boat going through real waves that you actually feel. I’ve done a cruise ship but you didn’t even feel like you were on a boat. I like the feeling of being on a boat. I was then thinking of other things I wish I did before I reached this stage of disability….some I might be able to still do but probably won’t.

  • Skydiving. I’m scared of heights and might have chicken out before getting in the airplane but I wish I tried.
  • Shooting a gun. I don’t know why, I always wanted to learn to shoot a gun. I never wanted to own one. I just wanted to go to a range to be able to shoot one.
  • I wish I went to Ireland. I grew up a huge U2 fan and I always wanted to do the Ireland U2 thing. Years ago my partner in U2 crime went and I couldn’t go. I always regretted not going.
  • I always wanted to breed dogs. I just love animals and wanted a house full. I think I would have been a successful breeder
  • If not a breeder, I wanted to have a hospice sanctuary for bulldogs and frenchies. I wanted a house with a good size yard that the dogs had plenty of room to spend their time. I had to choose view or yard, I choose view. I couldn’t keep up with house maintenance.
  • I wanted to take a pottery class. I use to do clay projects on a wheel in like summer camp. I always loved it. I wanted to try it as an adult just never got around to it.
  • I also love blown glass. I don’t think I’d ever get involved in classes with it but maybe watching someone do it or something. I find it completely fascinating.

I guess that’s it for now, or all that is coming to mind. I can’t say that I regret that I didn’t do any of these things, other than the Ireland trip. It is just things I wish I did do before I became disabled. Oh well. I guess it is easier to be brave about skydiving when you know you can’t go. I’m willing to bet I’d chicken out. Roller coasters scare the hell out of me ha hahaha. Anyway just sharing thoughts.

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  1. You CAN go skydiving! At least in Illinois you can’t jump without an instructor attached to you. It took a bit of advanced planning but I found a place that worked with my limited mobility. Also easier to do than Ireland, but that is also on my bucket list.
    Shoot a gun I signed up for a private gun safety class, and was able to shoot from my wheelchair.
    Maybe I will add taking you to do one of these things to my bucket list?

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