Still have a UTI

Still have a UTI

Hello to all!!! I am still fighting the good fight here. I just got back my second urine culture which showed positive still for an infection. Yet at the bottom in this one little line is >=3 organisms probable collection contamination. Well how is that possible??? I know we got a clean sample from the source. The only thing is that my aide didn’t fully tighten the lid to the sample cup. The urine leaked out a little into the sample bag. However, nothing got into the sample cup. The lid was on the cup enough that something might leaked out but nothing could have got inside. I’m concerned because I have exactly 7 days to take antibiotics and cure this before my Rituxan infusion. I already had to postpone my infusion once because of the UTI. Well the UTI caused C-Diff and my neurologist wanted me to wait. Now C-Diff is cured but antibiotics may cause it again. My gastroenterologist wants me on vancomycin as well as any antibiotic prescribed to prevent a reinfection. I just want to make sure I’m done with all antibiotics by Sunday. Rituxan is scheduled at 10 am. I will double up one day to be complete by Sunday. Anyway I’m waiting on my general doctor to see the lab results. I hope that one line doesn’t give her pause to redo the sample. I know I still have a UTI regardless of that one line. That sample wasn’t contaminated. I really don’t want to postpone my infusion again. I mentally am prepared to get it done. I can’t put it off again.

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  1. I went to neurologist today, had a new active lesion on the latest MRI. She is going to switch my medication to Ocrevas if my labs come back clean. Gave what looked like a pint of blood today.

    1. Sorry to hear about the new lesion. It isn’t a hard infusion just long. Rituxan just has more of a history as a drug then Ocrevus I’ve written about it 1 million times but it’s the same medicine. I’m sure you can find all my blogs.

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