The course of miracles teaches forgiveness is key.  It’s one of the major points of the course.  Forgiveness and love and that’s it.  However in certain circumstances it is one of the hardest lessons to do.  How do you forgive someone who you think wronged you? How do you forgive someone who hurt you? How do you forgive someone who didn’t do right by you?  The course says things from the past are to be forgotten unless it came from love. Otherwise you are using your present wrapped up in the past to bring the same thing to the future. In other words if you believe that you are the victim you will always be the victim because your projecting that to the future. So that person you can’t forgive will haunt you in different forms because what you think is what you attract. When you stay present and forget the past or only think of the past love you attract that love to your future. Deep stuff. Again your back to the BUT they did this or they did that etc….and that’s the hard part. How do we not think about it? How do we forgive them and move on? I can’t speak for everyone but first it starts with the WILLINGNESS to forgive. When you really want to forgive and move forward then you have taken the first step. The course of miracles says to then surrender you thoughts and feelings to a higher power.  Say a prayer asking to see this person, situation, whatever in a new way. Ask for help. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God, Moses, Budda, unicorns or angels pray to anyone and surrender the feelings. It won’t be perfect everyday. I can guarantee that. However I can say truthfully and hope you agree I’d rather be happy than right. I’d rather let it go and not be the victim and be able to smile than continuing to hate someone or something I can’t ever change.

I hope you have a happy day. Xoxo

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