Bionic Gym highly recommended

Bionic Gym highly recommended

After all my worries over changing to Kesimpta, I’m now pretty darn happy I did. I felt fine after the shot on Thursday and all through the weekend. To not have to do a six hour infusion followed by 3 plus weeks of feeling lousy, I have to say I’m pretty excited. No more steroids. No more IV vein issues. No more aggravation with the former pharmacy over the correct infusion supplies. I must say that is a win, win, win, win scenario. This is the result of the shot in my thigh.

Far from anything. A little bruise which is probably because I handled the injection slightly wrong. Even so I didn’t feel the needle so I didn’t care. B

The red patches above and below are from putting on new pads on my Bionic Gym. I don’t know why that happens. I think my skin gets irritated by the pads glue or something. It goes away and it doesn’t bother me. It might for someone who has better feeling on the surface of their skin. The red patches never stop me from continuing to use the Bionic Gym daily. I always use it for about 2 hours a day. I can’t tell you how much I love this equipment. Best thing I ever bought. It is expensive but worth every cent. Yesterday I sat with it on my legs for just shy of three hours. Unfortunately, the battery ran out.

This was my Apple Watch stats. I did this while watching TV on my comfy chair.  My dogs even sit on my lap and get lulled to sleep by the vibration. I was dripping with sweat with the AC on next to me and the fan blowing across from me. It felt great. I was even able to move after. I was able to change clothes, eat, and function. I was up with my daughter until after 10 watching a movie. A dumb movie no less.

Today I feel it in my thighs but not in a tired way. I feel like I got a good workout. The BionicGym has been a game changer for me. I even had my neurologist look at it and she totally understood how it could help those with MS or any chronic illness. I have willingly done a video for Bionic Gym and I actually received an email back from the man that invented the product. He was so touched by my video he reached out to me personally. His uncle had MS and he was excited to share the video with his mother. 

I have felt so much stronger since I got this. It works muscles I never could work anymore. It has escalated my heart rate to a whole new level that I couldn’t hit from a chair. I haven’t even mentioned the Facebook group which has lead to some of the most eye opening knowledge about how the product works. Far better than any other company I’ve ever seen accomplish. I can only recommend but I strongly recommend that you look at this. I am proud to be an affiliate with this company. I give this product the highest ratings. Check it out.

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