Weekend plans, or not

Weekend plans, or not

When your day starts off with an accident and a fall, you aren’t feeling so optimistic for a good MS day. Yesterday evening was my second Kesimpta shot. I decided to once again do my thigh region. I did my right leg this time. That might not have been the best place. As soon as the needle pierced the skin, my leg immediately went into a super spasm. I twitched and moved during the injection. It hurt. I know that one will leave a mark. I feel fine from the shot, although I am a little tired today. I slept good and my workout never happened this morning so I’m thinking that the shot might make me a little more tired than normal. However, not so tired I can’t function. I would have worked out this morning but too many things went wrong. Once I fell/slipped it took so much energy for me to get back up, I knew exercising would cause me to over do it. I have mahjong today and I want to play. This is where my Bionic Gym rocks. I’ll use it later for a two hour program and I’ll burn a ton of calories without fatiguing my self further. Yesterday all I did was my Bionic Gym.

I was going for 3 hours but the battery ran out. I was dripping wet. Yet once again I wasn’t so tired that my day was over. I showered, dressed and did all my normal things I do. https://bionicgym.com/?rfsn=6087517.2f5823

It’s Friday again. I don’t have any big plans. My stepdad and I will finish Click Bait on Netflix Saturday. I just caught up watching Mayans MC which made me have to watch Sons of Anarchy again. I loved that series. I literally went into a depression when it ended. Like I said today is mahjong which I always love. I only have two weeks left until my daughter moves to Maine. I will try to spend as much time as I can with her but I don’t think she is around much this weekend. That’s ok, I have my other babies and it’s all good.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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