Tapping EFT for weight loss

Tapping EFT for weight loss


In my spiritual search I came Emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT. This is a stress relief technique that involves tapping on acupressure points. This technique is used by many people for relationships, dieting, sickness, and certainly stress.  This is one of the simplest things I ever learned that I personally thought it was a bunch of bogus BS.  However one emotionally bad day I was having I did the technique a few times to relieve some of the sadness and guess what?, of course it worked.  Was I cured, no way but for a little I felt better and when the sadness got really strong again, I continued to do it.  It really did help. I’ve come across this idea for relationships that I started to look at but also came across the one for weight loss. I do own the book that Jessica Ortner wrote and talks about in this clip and I’ve also joined her online program.  In all honesty I do her program but I haven’t been tapping everyday. However the feelings and some truths about my weight have definitely come to the surface.

EFT is such a wonderful tool and its sooooooo easy. There are tons and tons of YouTube videos and articles on the web about this. I would recommend everyone learn it for weight loss, stress, sadness, anxiety or anything. It can work for everyone because it is about you.  I didn’t want to overwhelm with a million videos so I started basic. I hope you check it out.

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