woman are from Venus men are from krypton

woman are from Venus men are from krypton

I don’t get men. Maybe I should be saying men certainly don’t get woman.  In this wonderful place of the dating world that unfortunately is now mostly online, it starts with a picture.  You see someone’s picture and think not bad then you may or may not look at their profile that they may or may not have put any effort into. The next step is to break the ice. Personally I’ve gone from a simple hi to a comment based on their profile at this stage. My friend who met her husband on match.com broke the ice with a “just wanted to say hello”. I’ve used that quite a bit. Men don’t always follow that. I’ve got the hi comments and the U2 rocks (because my screen name on the site is U2mode) but then I’ll get the compliments. Your pictures are beautiful, I love your smile, ok it’s nice but tells me I looked at your picture the chance I read your profile is less than 8%.  Then I’ll get the your hot, your smile can light up a room or the one I got the other day, imagine what those lips can do…really this is what we’re up to as adults? No joke I had a guy write me asking if he can be my foot slave. I didn’t respond and so he wrote back 3 times…ummm please find some other hobby.  I was talking to this one guy we exchanged numbers. Seemed cool we had a few things in common. We chatted via text a little but when I said I had to go because I was going out, he said to “text him later if I was feeling frisky”. Did he think we’d have phone sex? I mean who says that? My favorite guy is the 33 year old. He was honest from the beginning with his intentions and for a split second I entertained the idea but decided that wasn’t what I wanted and informed him of this. He wrote me at least every week for two months.  Last one asking if I’d like to see a full Monty picture (I cleaned the actually email wording slightly)…ah, NO. I mean honestly what part of I’m not interested didn’t register with you? Do guys actually think with the lower half of their anatomy that often? What’s scarier are there girls actually thriving on this? My other favorite is the brand new conversation with a guy and you mention your daughter and they say “you must be a great mom” . You don’t know the first thing about me how can you think that? Not EVERY guy I talk to seems to be lost in translation but some of them are way out of the ballpark. Maybe it is just me, maybe there are girls who like this stuff, maybe I’m the odd one. It’s all possible but then I’ll settle being the odd one sifting through the madness. I do come across some nice ones that actually read my profile and actually are cool with the MS part.  I’m talking to a few and we’ll see.  I’m not future tripping on anything and just taking things as they come. I put myself back out there and that’s the start. However the stories a girl could write about the crazy ones are in the realm of unbelievable. I love it when I retell them to my mom that never really dated let alone this online world she doesn’t believe me. I do get the occasional are you just looking for a relationship of DTF. Please for the pg rating on my blog google the meaning if you don’t know it.  Sigh the wonderful world of Internet dating. It’s a jungle out here.

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