Let the sun shine

Let the sun shine

Good morning to all. I woke up in one of those happy moods. I opened up my shades singing “Let the sun shine, let the sun shine, let the shine in” from Hair.  I got my scooter out to walk my dogs and we were all completely tangled by the time the scooter was out of the door. However, once untangled we had a lovely outing that went smoothly. There was no traumatic moments no other dog encounters and that always makes me happy.

I didn’t workout today. A rarity in my world but I was feeling good wanted to meditate before my daughter woke up so I choose to do that. I didn’t get any spiritual enlightenment today deciding what to write in my blog so I have no exact basis of what to say. Today I’m feeling happy so today I want to be a vehicle of love.  Sounds corny? That’s ok, I believe in it.  I believe that a smile to a stranger goes a long way and today I feel like making sure I smile at a stranger. I believe everyone has love inside them and today I want to make sure I recognize that love in a stranger. I believe everyone is spiritually connected on some higher level and today I want to try to be witness to that connection.

My course in miracles workbook lesson today was lesson 50, I am sustained by Gods love. This isn’t a religious thing. It’s is about not believing in illusions. It is a declaration of release from a belief of idols. It’s acknowledging the truth about yourself. Through the love of God within you (Budda, inner guide, Jesus, spirit, whatever you relate too), you can resolve all seeming difficulties without effort and in sure confidence.  It’s seeing the sun and letting the sun shine in.

Have a wonderful day.

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