Life as a pear

Life as a pear

Yes I apologize in advance, I’m back to weight and body image once again in my blog. I’m really convince a lot of clothes manufacturers changed the sizing of clothes. Clothes shopping has never been easy for me. Primarily, I have multiple sclerosis and can’t do it. Secondly, I’m a pear. When you’re a pear, your shopping for clothes to fit a smaller waist, larger hips, thighs, and butt. That and a 5 foot two frame, and you got a problem. Due to my MS I started shopping for clothes online.  Years ago I bought New York & Co  jeans and kind of stuck with them. I know my size, I know their style, and I was able to order them year-by-year and they fit. Sometimes some of the washes fit a little differently, the darker washes might be bigger than a lighter wash, but they basically got the job done. I always stuck with the boyfriend jeans style. That’s the style that are looser in the legs, sit on the hips, not the waist. Again having a pear shape nothing could really sit on my waist because then it would never fit.  Also because my legs are heavier I always needed something that was loose in the legs otherwise they were going to be too tight. See I kinda had all this down after 45 years.

Being a creature of habit, I stay with the same company most of the time for jeans. Recently, I ordered a couple pair of jean shorts for the summer. Two of them with her boyfriend shorts and one was curvy style. I purchased each of them in the size 8, like all the jeans I already own.  The curvy style was a little on the snug side but they fit, the boyfriends were humongous. Like really, really big!!! I just couldn’t for the life of me imagine needing a size 6. I’ve discussed, in other blogs, my weight hasn’t changed. I even said how it seems my stomach gotten larger. This was my go to place for jeans for years. Yes, all my jeans are big, but that’s the style, isn’t it? I couldn’t even imagine ever going to buy a six, so I kept the shorts as they were. Plus I always like the bigger style, unfortunately that’s just me.

Then I got a really good coupon in my email.  I wanted to get a couple of crop pants.  I decided to take the plunge and try the six. I wanted to see, is it me, them, possible!!! They came yesterday both the boyfriend style, both size 6. The darker pair, went first, since I find they usually run looser. Sure enough, they fit. Still even slightly big in the hip/waist area. Not as baggy in the legs but as I wear them I think that would change. The lighter wash was tighter. They fit but wasn’t showing the true boyfriend style of loose fit through the thighs. They’ll stretch out some with wear but not as much as the darker wash. Really though, what’s going on? Come on. I have an old pair of jeans in my closet, you know the one pair you’ve held onto for 15+ years, hoping you’d fit into them again. They are a size 10. I can barley get them on. How could I be buying a size 6…the size changed, no other explanation.

That’s my point of this blog as silly, as it is. I’ve been buying these jeans for the last seven years and they never fit the same. I have size 8 from other stores like the Gap, Old Navy and Chicos and they aren’t as roomie as New York & Co. No way would I be a size 6 in their store. I’m barely a size 8 in their curvy style, thank you thunder thighs. I own many pairs of Not Your Daughter Jeans, which are stretch jeans that fit correctly everywhere. They tell you to buy a size smaller and their jeans are great but expensive $100+ (I wait for sales). When you are a pear stretch jeans, leggings or any other form-fitting bottoms, are not the way you choose to go. I like to hide my thighs not showcase them. Plus my mid-section, ugh tight pants poofy shirt…I’m a pear shape with an apple middle. Im slowly becoming a pearapple. Do they make jeans for that body type?

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  1. you’re right – sizing is very inconsistent. I’m sorry that you are having such a struggle with your body image and that the media, manufacturers, and the like have so much control on one’s self-love and esteem. It’s a tough world, so it’s hard not to be tough on yourself – there is so much more to life. You are beautiful and you are the only one of you that this world gets to have <3 xx

    1. Thank you. I laugh because this is an issue since I was like 10. It’s mental especially with everything else I deal with. Sometimes I put it in the proper perspective sometimes I don’t. Today I do. Thank you. Happy Friday

      1. Thank you 🙂 I totally empathize with your cyclical thought about yourself and body – and having MS makes it all the more challenging when you have physical limitations. Good to hear that sometimes it is not a challenge for you 🙂 I enjoy reading your posts. best wishes this weekend!

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