Rituxan instead of Ocrevus

Rituxan instead of Ocrevus

Going to see my neurologist, on my mind was questions of whether to stay on Ocrevus. I felt if I was still declining so much why be on a drug that can come with some serious side effects. Was the pros still out weighing the cons. I had two other drugs in mind Siponimod and Ibudilast. Both drugs are coming out for secondary progressive.

My neuro shot down Siponimod because I was on Gilyenia and it is very similar to that. Since I had continued relapses under Gilyenia she wouldn’t consider switching me off of Ocrevus to Siponimod. Ibudilast is just start phase 3 of their clinical trials so that one still has a while before it hits the US market.

She felt that for me Ocrevus is the best out there but was okay if I wanted to go back to Rituxan which I find marginally safer. I’ve written a number of blogs comparing Rituxan and Ocrevus but this to me is the best https://multipleexperiences.org/2017/06/28/ocrelizumab-ocrevus-versus-rituximab-rituxan/. Rituxan has a 15 year patient history and breast cancer isn’t listed as one of the possible side effects. Now that my insurance changed yet again, going back to Rituxan shouldn’t be a problem. (It was insurance issues that made me go on Ocrevus to begin with). I will also get the full dose once every six months like the way Ocrevus is dosed. Then I’ll wait for Ibudilast. I think that is the drug she would switch me to when it is available.

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