My second week Vegan/plant-based

My second week Vegan/plant-based

First I’m happy to report I lost a pound. Second I still have no craving for meat. I’ve also been doing pretty good with my coffee. I haven’t really been missing my half and half with my coconut milk/almond milk blend. I use a brown sugar/truvia sugar blend in my coffee for a sweetener and it all flows nicely. I even throw in a cap of mirolax sometimes.

I learned that Veestro who has those prepared plant based diet foods does have some meals that are very high in fat. Since I was trying things out I purchased the first time around the 21 day kickstart meals, this time I choose the meals. I picked the lower fat content items. Not trying to gain weigh being a vegan.

I did cook this week too. I made a hearty rice and beans with tomato sauce.  Ok my first error is I made up the dish based on a recipe I saw. I wanted to get some vegetables into the dish so I added canned whole tomatoes. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t yummy either. I have to find easy recipes that I can do to keep food in the refrigerator. I’ve been on Flipboard putting many recipes into my magazine to go through. I also just got the Forks and Knives magazine delivered to my house. I need to make sure my vegetables are getting in my diet that I’m not just eating carbs. Each week I’m learning.

Im going to my sister for the weekend, my first away from the house what to eat trip.  Luckily my sister is a former vegetarian and has an idea of what to fed me.  I’ve officially become the problem child ?.

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