Quick note to my family and friends

Quick note to my family and friends

To my family and friends who read my blog, I love you all. Please understand when I write a blog explaining the bad days, the sad days and the hard days, don’t feel sad for me or broken hearted. This is the true reality of my life and there isn’t anything any of us can do about it. I write them mostly for others who have the same or similar diseases that have the same or similar struggles to their lives. It’s more to let others know your not alone and even the most positive person can’t be positive all the time. I write my blog sometimes because I just need to vent and scream or just because life gets me down for the moment. On days like that if you read my blog, don’t feel bad, just tell me you love me, send me a virtual hug. That’s usually all I need until the moment passes and the MOMENTS ALWAYS PASS. I love all of you immensely and am so grateful to each of you. XOXOXO

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