Not the happiest Friday in the home

Not the happiest Friday in the home

I FINALLY had my shoulder checked out by an orthopedist yesterday. He did some maneuvering, X-rays and a visual exam. He told me “there are actually 2 problems going on.” Of course there are, because nothing is simple. “You have tendinitis in the shoulder for sure but your back also is showing arthritis”.  More of the fabulous news. I had junior arthritis as a kid, arthritis is my knees with cysts and now in the back. Ok great now what? He gave me a cortisone shot for the arm. It won’t help with the arthritis but it will help with the tendinitis.

So I got the shot. However what I didn’t expect is that the shot was going to play havoc on my MS symptoms. I struggled with every step I took getting back to my car to get myself home. I actually brought my walker upstairs for the first time EVER. Every step I took was an ordeal. Woke up this morning, wasn’t much better. I fell before my first sip of coffee. On the other hand my arm was better last night and I was able to sleep.  No rhyme no reason no explanation. I’m sure that some one has had some strange MS reaction from a shot or other medicines that we take for things unrelated to MS. Very frustrating.

Also my pinky toe is all red and swollen. He thought I broke my toe but not much could be done for it. It took me thinking and feeling the toe but it isn’t broken, I think I had a fungus infection on the toenail that I recently asked my daughter to file the nail, not knowing what the white thing was. She cut my cuticle and I think my toe is now infected. Seeing regular doctor Monday.

Finally to put an end to yesterday took my dog to the vet for his ears. Woke up with an eye infection that morning, at least he had good timing.  I mentioned other things going on with his skin, which I thought was his alopecia he always had. Turns out he had the eye infection, ear infection, a skin infection NOT due to alopecia and his tail was inflamed.  I was so saddened being a bad mom not realizing how bad he was.  Bulldog don’t complain, whine or cry or show symptoms like other dogs. I just didn’t realize. He looks much better today but he had a rough day yesterday too.  It wasn’t a happy Friday in the home.

8 thoughts on “Not the happiest Friday in the home

  1. Don’t know where to start. You, your daughter, your dogs, and your family are now a permanent addition to my prayer list.

    1. You are too kind, we are all in our prayers. You too have a lot on your plate. I think prayers for everyone to be healthy and happy this Christmas season. That chorus really was fabulous.

      1. Prayer is a joyful place. So why don’t I resort to it first? I will explain more about my stupid day in a rant that I will share with Stella probably tomorrow, but suffice it to say that I went out today, the Saturday a week before Christmas. That’s a decision I should have prayed about first. PEACE!

        1. Looking forward to reading it. Especially with Stella’s kind words of our human ways which I thoroughly enjoy. I did enjoy though her education classes with the rest of the clan too. My favorite blog is conversations with Stella.

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