Just a quiet Wednesday

Just a quiet Wednesday

It’s strangely quiet in my house, which is weird when everyone is home. Mikayla is sleeping next to me, she woke up with a migraine so is going into school late. Marshy, who just got his vaccinations at the vet yesterday, is under the blanket. Zoey is sleeping next to me and in about an hour is going to the vet for her surgery. Me, I just did my Zumba, sitting on the couch, trying to recover my legs. I had a cortisone shot yesterday for the tendonitis in my shoulder. I didn’t sleep well still last night, I haven’t slept well all week. My shoulder wakes me up with pain and I couldn’t get comfortable. By today it should kick in and the pain should be gone, I hope. Yesterday after the shot, my legs were like jello. I guess the cortisone shot affected my multiple sclerosis symptoms too. Not that this was shocking, I’m pretty sure that happened last time too. https://multipleexperiences.org/2016/12/17/not-the-happiest-friday-in-the-home/. Look at that it did. Although last time I was more diligent with the ice pack on the shot site. That’s why I might have had pain last night. I have to say, thank god for my daughter yesterday and the wonderful people at my vet who all came out to help me get my Marshy inside in the pouring rain. Every step I took was such a struggle.

Today will be the most relaxing day I’ve had home since I’ve had Zoey. I’m just a worry wart so I until I hear from the vet I’ll be a little basket of nerves. However, I won’t be up and down all day like I normally am taking care of Zoey. Plus I might even be able to finish my coffee without it spilling on the couch. Wow…My marshy won’t know what to do with himself all day to not be bitten, jumped on or annoyed for 8 whole hours. I think this is a good day for me to try to sleep and recharge my body, an opportunity I rarely have anymore. However the second they say you can get Zoey,  I’ll be in the car and at the vets.

Happy Wednesday

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