Why me?

Why me?

Living with a chronic illness, there has to be at least one time you’ve  said, “why me”. Let me ask you a question, if you can take your disease and give it to somebody else, knowing how you suffer, would you?  I remember being in one of my doctor, with my step dad, and him making a comment about why I had to have MS. The life this disease has stolen from his daughter.  My reply was, maybe there is a reason I have MS and we just don’t know why yet.  I feel that everything has a reason, that there is a plan much bigger than us.  Some people might say I’m crazy, some people might totally agree with me, and some people might not care either way.  I know the skeptics are thinking immediately about all the unnecessary suicide bombings and tragedies going on worldwide, but please let’s not go to the global scale with this today.

There are many times throughout my life, I’ve listen to speakers talk, after they themselves suffered from an awful tragedy. They suffered through something so awful, but because of it, they’ve told their story to the world hopefully stopping the tragedy for someone else.  How many times has somebody lost a relative, and in return set up a scholarship or a fund in the person’s name. Thus helping hundreds of people in return for the tragedy of their loss.  Not everything is about a loss of life, look at us chronic illness bloggers.  That’s what we’re doing. We’re taking our tragedy and hopefully making somebody’s world a little better. We are saying we’re here too, we understand, we get it, we are with you.

I’ve alluded to the thought about being a life coach for MS. Ever since that thought came into my head, I knew that is what I needed to do. When I spoke to my life coach, she helped to put a couple of things in motion as well.  She was going to try to help me get into Gabby Bernstein’s spirit junkie master class. Hopefully get me some kind of scholarship because I could never afford something like that. I received an email from her Saturday:

Hi Jamie,

You’re not going to believe this, but when I inquired about Spirit Junkie Masterclass scholarships for you, I told Zach (Gabby’s husband who matched us up for coaching) about you and your blog. Well when he spoke to Gabby about a possible scholarship she was so inspired by you that she’d love you to attend the live event in June for (big discount)!!!!

I know that this was not your ideal situation with having to get into the city and your daughter’s birthday being the same weekend- but we can talk about it and hopefully figure out a way for you to attend!!!


Spirit Junkie Coach
Gabrielle Bernstein, Inc

I’m still riding the high from this one. I’m going to get training to be a life coach for MS by my mentor. I even have a tagline:

I live it, I have it, I hate it, I fight it, I understand it, and therefore I understand you.

You see, this is the hand I was dealt with.  I would never give it to anybody else. Why me, is in my hands.  It’s me so I can do something for others who have the same disease.  That’s the answer to why me. Why you?


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  1. Mate I feel you…I suffer from the disease of alcoholism as well as depression and anxiety. Having an illness can be tough but it’s important to trust in the laws of nature and fate and know that things have a way of working themselves out. I wish you all the best. There have literally been so many times I have thought ‘why me’ with regards to my alcohol problems. Check out here: https://zarinamacha.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/alcoholism-explained.html

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