Plant based diet week 3

Plant based diet week 3

I guess I can talk about my week review of my plant based diet eating. I told you my week in week two wasn’t the greatest week. I wasn’t exactly prepared. I ate a lot of meals from Veestro which were high in fat but it sticks to the plan. When I went away to my sisters for the holiday it actually was harder than I expected. Since we ate out two different nights, It was tough to be vegan. The first night they really didn’t offer anything I can eat. I ended up eating a few greens and with that I’m talking about tiny salad plate of salad and small pieces of pizza of which I scraped off all the cheese. The next night for dinner was a very limited menu and the couple of dishes they had that would fit for a vegan were limited. I again ate a salad that wasn’t very good and brussels sprouts. Luckily my sister had terrific grain bread and homemade granola and a lot of fruit. I did use milk in my coffee at my sisters. She, however, makes her own almond milk but that alone in my coffee wasn’t enough. Other then milk I stayed true to the vegan way.

When I came home on Sunday my Boomer passed away. I actually did cook this week I made a veggie bean stew and brown rice. My sister for the holidays brought me a rice cooker. I wouldn’t say I ate three emails this week on any given day but I did eat. On Wednesday I went to the doctor and I had to weigh in and I was back to my weight watchers goal weight. So that’s the 5 pounds that I gained way back when is off. I am eating. I am sticking to a vegan diet 99% of the time. I still have no craving for any meat or sugar for that matter or process foods. It is only the end of week three. I won’t lie I’m completely depressed over my dog. I know I’m not eating a lot this week but I am eating when I’m hungry. I even made Hungryroot brownies and cookies this week. Just figured I give an update instead of a sad post about my boy boomer today.

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  1. I noted the Aerogarden picture. I am interested in any comments you have about how that is working for you. With a few exceptions (for the sake of laziness), I make my soups and stews from scratch now, and something like that might help.

  2. It is really easy. I got the bounty. Tells you when you need water or when to add nutrients. There are guides on the web to download. So far no problems. I even already had my first salad from my garden lettuce. I need to cut it again.

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