I’m thankful for Boomer

I’m thankful for Boomer

Yesterday was a little better than the day before. Today my heart just feels very heavy. My sister said something to me when she first heard that was very profound and meant the most to me, “you connect with the souls of animals. The friendship and companionship you find in them is as deep as some of my human friends.” I never had many friends but I’ve had many pets. I’ve had rabbits, 6 cats and 3 dogs. I would say that each of them had a different connection with me. 4 of them actually died with me. 3 of the cats and Boomer. The cats were difficult but nothing came close to Boomer.

I picked up my Course in Miracles book for the first time today. The lesson wasn’t anything relating to my situation but was about being thankful. I’m s so thankful for the 10+ years I had with Boomer. He was a good soul. I’m thankful for the puppy the universe knew I was going to need to help not only me but my Marshmellow heal. I’m thankful for the understanding of my friends and family knowing how I felt about Boomer and how difficult it was for me. I’m thankful he didn’t suffer and seemed to go peacefully. I’m thankful I was home from vacation, that he waited for me. I’m thankful I was there to hold him and watch his last breath leave his body. I’m thankful that he was in my life and made it so much better.

I loved Boomer for many reasons but his soul was the biggest. He was a great dog. I’m thankful that he was mine.

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