My four walls of solace

My four walls of solace

I’m going out for the first time today since it happened.  Unfortunately  I still have multiple sclerosis to deal with and I have doctor appointments and physical therapy.  I prefer the solace of my home. It is my comfort zone not only because of my MS but also for the memory and sadness of Boomer. I’ve been sleeping which is a good thing although I hate walking into my room. I hate knowing he isn’t coming into the bed to sleep. I wake up ok but get sad as soon as I feed the dogs. Marshmellow and Boomer ate the same food. As I feed Marshy its my first reminder Boomer isn’t there.

I always knew the day he died would be one of my worst days in my life.  Now that this day has come and I’m living it, I wouldn’t change anything. He added so much to my life and I’m so grateful I was blessed to have him. We were meant to be. He was my first pick in his liter and the last one left in his liter.  He was a good soul.  I know each day will get a little easier or at least that is what I’m told. Right now my heart hurts and is heavy with sadness and I’m happy in my four walls of my home .

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