Goodbye 2016

Goodbye 2016

Dear Universe,
A lot happened in 2016. I became disabled in 2016. I stopped working and started the process of both disability and Medicaid. I obtained a 3rd party trust to shield my income. I cashed in my Ira which wasn’t much but gave me a little something. I was approved for disability, Medicaid, the 3rd party trust, and my long term care policy. I was set up financially basically as I was when I was working. I leased a new car and gave my car to my daughter with financial help from my mom and stepdad. I put myself back in debt through the year with little things that add up but mostly from the holidays. my toxic relationship ended in 2016. We not only ended we don’t speak and he got married. I got a new puppy in 2016 but most earth shattering was I lost my Boomer in 2016.

I’ve made mistakes in 2016. I’ve lied, cheated, stole, mislead, insinuated, hurt, feared, misplaced, mocked, judged, condemned, gossiped, back stabbed, manipulated, deceived and wronged people, places and things. I started the Course in Miracles to change my outlook on myself, others, life and purpose. I did a finding your true self workshop which stripped you down raw and rebuilt you back up. I learned you can forgive people for the past but that doesn’t mean you need to like the person. I’ve learned the past doesn’t mean anything unless it was about love all else is an illusion. I’ve atoned for my errors and have worked hard to share my light in the world by spreading it in this blog I started in 2016.

A lot has happened in 2016 and as of tonight this year is over. I begin my 2017 revolution. What do I want in 2017? I want to not worry about money. Know, believe it’s coming and stop the nickel and dime mentality. I want to stop playing victim to my MS,to money, friends and my life. I want to know I am in control and I have the ability to manifest all I desire. I want to reach people with my blog, to serve people and continue to write from my true heart and a place of love. I want to love people I met in all capacity leaving aside judgements. I want to become more in tune with A Course in Miracles and make a difference in my life and the life of others around me. I want inner peace and happiness in 2017. I’d also love to get this puppy housebroken ASAP in 2017. For all of that i would be grateful.

Thank you for the year of 2016 the things I’ve learned, lived, cried and been through. I’m excited to begin 2017 with an open heart of all the wonderful gifts you will bestow.

May everyone be blessed and have a Happy New Year.


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