Dogs make our whole life better

Dogs make our whole life better

It’s 7:00am and I hear the quiet whimpers from Zoey who is awake and ready to start the day.  Ugh one of the downsides to a puppy, up early. She is doing so great considering the second day with her I was in hysterics saying “I can’t do this I need to give her back.”  Well we are still battling with Giardia but I’m pretty sure my Marshy is better.  But this puppy, this puppy is super fast. She consumed Marshy’s poop in less then 1 second. Me with my multiple sclerosis quick reflexes had no chance to get there faster then super Zoey. Crossing fingers that Marshy is really cured so that Zoey didn’t just re-contaminate herself during her treatment. Anyway enough poopy talk. My little Zoey, how cute is she?

I found a wonderful distraction for her this morning which allowed me to workout in peace, well it worked until Marshy got up and stole it.

Instead I did push-ups with Zoey under me running back and forth like I was a bridge. Eating my hair and scratching my ear trying to remove it from my head while I did a chest fly. Trying to pull off my socks or amputate my toe while I did a bicep curl. She had a blast, me, not so much.  Now that I gave that up its 9:00am and Zoey and Marshy, for that matter, are fast asleep. Zoey is tucked in my arm which is one of her favorite sleeping spots if it isn’t next to Marshy.

Big difference from my Marshy and Boomer combination. They slept next to each other but never cuddled with each other.

The biggest change I’ve seen since the death of Boomer and the addition of Zoey is my Marshy switched roles. He seems to be the Boomer and Zoey is Marshmellow. It’s so strange. Marshy who never left my side sometimes sleeps on the other side of the couch where Boomer slept.

My Marshy use to inhale his food, we’d have to stand over Boomer make sure that he ate it and that Marshy didn’t run over and consume it. Now we do it but it’s Marshy that is eating slow and it’s Zoey we have to watch out for. However somethings are the same, everyone still likes to look outside.

Happiness is found in the unconditional love of animals. Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our whole life better.


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