Vegan check in…

Vegan check in…

I’m only doing these “check ins” because I’m new to being vegan. I made for the first time the last few weeks a pasta dish that was delicious. The recipe is in this post. My soup is still my favorite, it’s easy filling and so good.

I did run out of my almond milk/coconut milk that I whip together for my coffee a few times. That lead me to the half and half. I finally just bought Silk the non dairy milk to use instead. It tastes ok, coffee is still black looking but it’s in my thermos covered so I’m trying to trick myself.

I’ve found tasty desserts from Hungryroot but they aren’t cheap and shipping isn’t cheap. They raised the free shipping from over $50 to over $65. That’s kind of annoying. Ben & Jerry’s makes non-dairy ice cream which I made the mistake thinking that they were also vegan. They aren’t or at least they don’t say vegan. *REVISED* I read on the front of the 4 flavors of the dairy-free Ben & Jerry’s CERTIFIED VEGAN. They came out with 2 new flavors Coconut 7 layer bar and Cherry Garcia that also are. They ALL are VEGAN yippee.

I found, thanks to my cousin, a vegan cheese that taste good and melts too. 

Last week I put on 2lbs of the 10lbs I was down. I decided once again the scale should be put away.

For me being vegan wasn’t about the cruelty to animals, although anyone that knows me, knows I would love to be an animal rights activist saving every dog. Vegan was to help inflammation in my body. It was to eat healthier and to feel better. I don’t think it’s made a difference to my overall multiple sclerosis, but it has to my biggest issue of going to the bathroom regularly and with the help of laxatives. I haven’t had to take laxatives since being vegan. I use to take them at least once a week otherwise I wouldn’t go. Now I go everyday. That alone was worth the change. The rest we will see. This was a long term trial, not a quick fix.  That is my take on it at this point. I don’t miss meat. Have been eating well and started cooking for the first time in years.

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