Life with one puppy, one senior dog and one high school senior

Life with one puppy, one senior dog and one high school senior

Zoey, the puppy, is now 6 months old. She is accident free about 95% of the time, chewing on things she shouldn’t about 95% of the time and adorable 100% of the time. I forgot how challenging it can be with a puppy because my youngest dog before her is now 8.  I don’t know if this is all puppies or just her but she is obsessed with my coffee. I will have to throw my couch soon because she’s knocked over my thermos of coffee so many times. She’s smart, she waits for me to forget and get up for a split second and bang, over it goes pouring into my cushions.

My side table is about to collapse upon itself from her chewing it, but that’s ok, it was cheap and it’s ugly.

Zoey is a pain but she is very loved. Plus we have Marshy to even out the craziness. Marshy, like Zoey, is a French bulldog but he is almost 8. He’s birthday is on April 1st, April Fools Day and that’s so fitting. Marshy is like the court jester, he’s very silly. When I come home, the second I set my car alarm, his face is in the window. He then runs to greet me and grabs my shoe. If no shoe is around he’ll try to take the one that is currently on my foot. He doesn’t chew the shoe, just prances about with it.  I’m always in search of my shoes in my house because he always takes them.  Marshy is my love bug. He is the most affectionate dog. Constantly next to me, snuggling and sleeping and always quick with kisses. This dog is such a sweet thing you can’t help but adore him.                                             

Then there is my daughter, the high school senior.  My daughter is deaf, she has bilateral cochlear implant’s that she received at the age of three and six. I have had the front row seat watching this girl grow into the beautiful woman she is today. Next year she’ll be venturing forward to John Jay College for Criminal Justice to start a new chapter of her life. 

This young girl has faced her own set of challenges, learning to hear with prosthetic hearing. I’ve got to watch every milestone of hers and this year is no exception. I am always the most grateful for this gift, this beautiful girl, this precious soul that I’ve been so fortunate to have in my life. She is by far an inspiration in all she’s had to accomplish to get where she is today. She also had to struggle and achieve and fight her disability except she’s 17, I’m 45. I’m so proud of her everyday.

My life may mainly be lived in the four walls of my apartment. I have multiple sclerosis and it’s safer here and easier, more convenient. However I have no regrets about it. Look at the abundance of love inside these walls. I’m a very fortunate person and I’m grateful everyday for what I have.

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    1. I miss my bull dog. Now I have to wait. When Zoey is a little older I want to start fostering the big bully’s and as soon as I can, I want to get another.

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