When will I learn, I can’t do that!!!!!

When will I learn, I can’t do that!!!!!

I think I can still do things but I can’t. Today was one of those mornings. My coffee pot broke. I have one being delivered today from Amazon. I wanted to go to a local drive thru place to get a cup of coffee. Well after my fall on Sunday night, nobody wants me to leave the house my house without help. That’s still not a feasible requirement since the increased nursing hours are a few weeks away. Anyway, that had nothing to do with my idiotic move this morning. ย I decided to go get my coffee and take BOTH my dogs with me.

WTF, was I thinking!!!!

I had the little Zoey on leash and Marshy off leash. I knew Marshy would run to the car. It was fine going to get the coffee. They even both got a cookie. Success!!! Then I got home and realized my error. Marshy would never follow me he’d want to run around and I didn’t have his leash. So I decided to take the leash off Zoey put it on Marshy and I’d carry Zoey.

I can’t walk without things in my hands!!!

This wasn’t going to go well. Marshy got out of the leash, he was running around. I got Zoey behind the gate somehow but then when I finally got Marshy and opened the gate, I lost them both. Needless to say, once again I was lucky and both eventually got back behind the gate and safely in the house. I went back for my coffee and made it I my house fall free.

A dumb excursion that could have ended badly!!!

2 thoughts on “When will I learn, I can’t do that!!!!!

  1. I hear you Jamie. I do this all the time and it seems crazy because on one hand I know I can no longer do a lot of the things I used to but it’s like temporary amnesia or something. Lol. Glad you made it with out another fall. ๐Ÿ™‚

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