Things I’m sentimental about and won’t part with

Things I’m sentimental about and won’t part with

I’m sentimental on many things. I have a pot that my aunt gave me  for my bridal shower that was my grandmothers. I think I’ve use this pot maybe once in 25 years. I’ll never throw it out, just for the fact that I know it was my grandmas and I know what she cook in it, I’ll never throw it out. She’s also given me some items that were in her home, vases and statues but my favorite is a glass apple. I remember the glass apple on her table. Such a simple thing but it helps me remember being in my grandma’s house. It helps me remember my grandma who passed away almost 30 years ago.

On my middle finger is a ring I haven’t taken off for 13 years. That ring was my mom’s mother, my other grandmother who passed away 13 years ago. Everyday she wore this ring. Nothing fancy but I always remember seeing this ring on her finger. When she expired, in her will, I was left a ruby ring which somehow disintegrated. I asked for her everyday ring that weren’t even part of her gifting to her grandkids. The ring has been on my finger ever since.

My first dog Boomer. I won’t throw out anything that was his. His collar that he wore. His dog tags are still in a draw. I even still have his food bowl tucked away. Actually I put his collar on the bear that sits behind his ashes. I still haven’t been able to take his picture off of my Facebook page, he died on Christmas Day.

Then there is my own attachment to my Humpty Dumpty dolls. A collection I might add that is completely out of control. I get the ones that I have in a case, they are mostly the ones I grew up with, slept with and hugged. The ones I collected since, weren’t mine, most used, hugged by another, but I can’t seem to part with them. I really want to downsize my life. I want to clear out the excess but I can’t seem to let them go. There are other things humpty that I’m going to try to let go first, like my three humpty teapots, but not my Plakie Humpty Dumpty that I grew up with. I will again try to part with any Humpty NOT Plakie. Let’s see if I can do it, last time I tried this I sold a total of 8 dolls.

As far as my grandmother’s pot, vases, of apple those I won’t part with. Just like I’ll never part with the ring. I’ll also never part with my Plakie Humpty Dumpty dolls I’m only talking about a slight scale down of non originals. As far as Boomer, I’ll never part with his collar and tags, possibly his food bowl one day. I’m just sentimental on these things and I’ll never part with them. Do you have anything that your sentimental about?

5 thoughts on “Things I’m sentimental about and won’t part with

  1. Yes, I do, a pot from my aunt.
    A vase from my maternal grandmother.
    A big pink teddy almost as tall as me… given to me by my late uncle on the eve of my wedding.
    He said, “you may be getting married but you will always be our baby”.
    Ah, your post has washed my eyes.
    Thank you for bring back precious memories.

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