Preparing for your neurologist appointment

Preparing for your neurologist appointment

There are steps recommended to prepare for your doctor appointment.

  1. Write down any new symptoms you’ve been experiencing if this is your ongoing doctor or all symptoms if this is a new doctor.
  2. Bring any test results you’ve received from any other doctors even if you don’t think they aren’t relevant.
  3. Have a list of all the medicine you are currently taking which should include anything non-prescription as well.
  4. Make a list of you questions or concerns before hand.
  5. If you are worried that you won’t remember everything the doctor says, bring someone or even record his answers on your phone, with their permission.
  6. Have any doctor’s information that you see regularly so that all your doctors can be informed and on the same treatment path.

Today I see my neurologist and I’m doing none of those things. Why? Today I’m seeing the neurologist that diagnosed me almost 20 years ago. When your going on 20 years with the same doctor, none of those steps matter. What questions do I really have at this point? This neurologist treats my symptoms now. My neurologist in NYC prescribes my main MS drug, which was just changed to Ocrevus. They do work together to a degree, mostly it’s an informational letter after an appointment not a plan of action discussion. My neurologist today will still do all the neurological tests that I am all to familiar with. He’ll review my medicines and last MRI. Then he’ll ask how I’m really doing. He knows me from day 1. He’s watched me progress. He was the second person, after my then husband, to know I was pregnant. He has been there my whole MS journey. My doctor visit doesn’t get the checklist because I’ve surpassed that list. 20 years is a long time. He has been pivotal to keeping me on my feet and not in a wheelchair and I’m so thankful to him for being my doctor all this time.

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