My Apple Watch

My Apple Watch

I thought it was going to be so easy, after all I’ve had my iPhone, iPad and my iPod forever. It is not the same thing. I’ve learned that really fast. Thankfully I signed up for the online session with Apple to teach me how to use my watch today at 11. 

Every morning I’ve woken up to a different face screen. I have tried to lock this watch at least six different times so that the screen doesn’t keep changing when I accidentally hit it, haven’t gotten that right yet. I can’t understand why either. Sometimes I see that little lock on the face screen that shows me that I have to put in a password and sometimes it’s gone. I have no idea why.

I set up a Swim program and I was all excited to go swimming with the new watch. I logged in with Facebook l, I got it all set up and I got downstairs by the pool and touch the watch, it asked me for a login. There was no way to login with Facebook. Then there is no keyboard on the Apple Watch to put it in your email. When you try to speak it it doesn’t get it right. There is a way to somehow use your phones keyboard but then I can’t get it to enter on the Apple Watch. After 20 minutes of sitting there, I realize I would just be better off swimming in the pool. And the Apple Watch gave me 10 minutes of exercise time and 40 minutes of movement.  at some point I guess it decided I wasn’t swimming fast enough for her to be considered exercise. That was a great feeling getting out of the pool. Although it was nice to actually see my watch in the pool which I could never do with my Fitbit I will give that.

I set up the fall detection which was one of the biggest reasons I decided to get the Apple Watch Apple Watch here I come and i took a nasty fall yesterday. I was like oh no is it going to automatically call someone, not only did it not called someone the watch didn’t do a thing. It didn’t even register that I fell. I don’t know how hard you’re supposed to fall for it to register but nothing happened. For that split-second I was part relieved but I rather something happen where I had to stop it then nothing happened.

Although I’m really happy I have the watch despite all these little things. I know I will get a lot of my questions answered today. What I did to really smart was upgrade to the stainless steel band which is held with a magnet making it so much easier for me to get the band on and off my wrist. definitely so much friendlier for a person with MS and hand issues. I also do love that my messages and my phone is on my wrist. I was able to send a message to my sister from my room just by speaking which was kind a cool. I finally put in all my health information, drug information and linked up my doctor information into the Health app which connects to the Apple Watch. Now all that stuff is also on my wrist as well as in my phone. Some thing I really should’ve done along time ago but it’s obviously a much better place for all my health information to be accessible in case of an emergency. Plus my watch is pretty. There’s never anything wrong with something that’s pretty. I just have to learn how to use it correctly and I’ll be good to go.

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