Daylight Savings protest

Daylight Savings protest

Why do we still do this? It messes me up for days. My sleep is all out of sorts. It even messes my dogs up. For the last two days my Zoey has been up at 7am which would technically be 8am if we left the clocks alone I didn’t gain an hour of sleep because her rhythmic clock had to use the bathroom. She likes to use the pads on the porch so I had to get up and open my door. Truthfully I like that she goes to the porch because her poops stink my whole room up. However her stinky poops are not the point of this blog today. I don’t like daylight savings.

I hate that it is dark so early at night. When you think it so late and you realize it is only 7pm. Why do we need this still? So when kids wake up for school it isn’t dark? Do you honestly believe that would make it easier to wake up a kid for school each day? My daughter is now 20 and getting her up for school was a battle every single morning regardless whether the it was sunny, rainy, snowy, hot or cold. I’m sure many parents out there agree. Daylight savings didn’t matter or make a difference. My daughter was a horror to get up each day for school and I’m thankful I don’t have to do it anymore.

So now sometime in spring we will turn the clock back and loose the hour. It will once again mess me up with my sleep and my dogs. I’m sure I’ll be complaining again. I think it is time to do away with it and just leave the clocks alone. Let’s live life dangerously and see what happens. Who’s with me?

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