MS fall frustration

MS fall frustration

It’s Sunday and I usually post a song or a recipe. I kind of take the day off with the blog. However today I’m gonna write a quick post about falling. I still fall a lot. I walk with a walker all the time but I still have moments that I can explain I just lose balance. I was on the side of my bed, cleaning up my dog area, my bed and the wall right next to me and I just lost balance. I couldn’t grab anything fast up and down I went. The worst part of falling is knowing you’re going to fall and knowing you’re going to hit something. Of course my little head slammed into my curio cabinet. I wasn’t hurt, I didn’t break anything, I luckily didn’t break the glass of the cabinet, it’s just knowing it’s going to happen and not being able to do anything to stop it. I just knew I was gonna hit my head. The other day I fell for no reason with my walker the walker just got away from me a little. The walker moved my feet didn’t and down I went. There was nothing around for me to hit into but I just laid on the floor in frustration and anger. (My dogs gave me kisses though.) It’s like a slow-motion thing too. The real struggle is finding something to help me get up. Sometimes I have to crawl to a fixed object to get enough leverage to get me up. I fell in the bathroom at the doctors office and luckily I didn’t lock the door. I had to call my aide in to help me up. Very frustrating. Does this happen to anybody else? Is this just me? I just want to know If anybody else’s experiences something like this?

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