When in doubt, blame multiple sclerosis

When in doubt, blame multiple sclerosis

When I first was diagnosed, maybe in the first 10 years, I have to admit any little thing I felt I used to think immediately it was the multiple sclerosis. It took me a while to kind of know how MS showed in my body, really what MS was, and how it was going to affect me. Now that it’s been 20 years, I think what I find amazing is when other doctors don’t have an answer so they blame MS.

Let’s take my recent weight gain that I got blood taken for three times looking for things possibly wrong. When nothing really could be found, the doctor really said that thinks it is my inactivity with my MS. OK, I could admit I have been a little less active so guess what, I step that up. I am now back to working out five days a week with my two days off being physical therapy. I’m still watching everything I eat sticking to weight watchers and guess what? I’m still gaining weight. I knew then as I know now, it’s not the MS. I know enough about dieting and about calories in versus calories out that when you’re eating 1000 to 1200 cal per day regardless about how inactive you are, you should not gain weight. However, after the MS blame and brush off the doctor Just referred me to an Endocrinologist to see if they could find something.

In my last lovely experience, that ended with me in the ER for six hours with my swollen extremities, when an answer wasn’t given, the answer was it probably has something to do with your MS. Since the MS could affect your circulatory system and your lymphatic system, it just might be, at the point, these systems are being effected causing an accumulation of fluid. Are you kidding me!!!! When I told my neurologist this, he just laughed and said of course it is. I guess he has heard this one too for people that have MS. When in doubt blame the disease. Makes it frustrating when you’re still convinced something else is wrong. Especially now because your back to square one. Although, I do have to add a follow up, my neurologist gave me a water pill and my swelling has gone down and both of my legs.

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