My 20 year anniversary with multiple sclerosis

My 20 year anniversary with multiple sclerosis

It just dawned on me, that February 14 was my 20 year anniversary with MS. It was the weekend of February 14 that I was moving it to my house with my ex-husband. My left leg started to feel numb. The numbness started traveling up my leg through my muscles. I wasn’t just numb, my muscles were becoming week and atrophied. It was The following Friday I went to a family doctor who sent me immediately to this neurologist. To this day it’s still one of my neurologist. He took one look at me and said, does anybody in your family have multiple sclerosis? That was the day. That was the question. That was the moment. My life path forever changed.

I’ve learned a few things over these 20 years dealing with a chronic illness. Somethings I wish I did a lot earlier in my disease. However, since I can’t go back, maybe this list will help someone else.

  1. Be grateful. Be grateful for the good days and stop worrying about the days that are coming up. what might be ahead of you. Never worry about the what if’s stay present in the moment and enjoy it.
  2. Develop a good relationship with your doctor. Don’t be embarrassed about any symptoms. Your doctor understands your condition there’s nothing you’re going to tell him or her I hit that they don’t know. So you could be as honest as you need too. There’s a lot of symptomatic drugs out there to make your life easier.
  3. Eat right. Your health starts from the inside out to feed your body right.
  4. Take vitamins, especially vitamin D. Keep those levels high in your vitamin D because according to some research this is Deficient in MS patients
  5. Stay active. Once again the stronger your body the stronger it is to fight against MS attacks or at least in my opinion it is.
  6. Stay positive in those relapse moments. If you have a bad attack or even just having a bad MS day try to stay as positive as you can. I know it’s difficult with a chronic illness but there’s something to be said about positive attitude that makes all the difference in the world.
  7. Appreciate how you used to be and what you use to be able to do, but don’t dwell on it. Sometimes people with a chronic illness look a lot to the past of what it was like when they were well. With any chronic condition you have to adapt. It’s very difficult to adapt If you’re constantly looking at the past.
  8. When it comes to needing assistive devices, take the ego out of it. Stop worrying about what others may think of you and remember that these devices make your life easier. The easier your life is the more you’re able to enjoy it.
  9. Do your own research. It only benefits you to know what’s going on with your disease. To know if there’s any drugs coming out or any new studies. Don’t rely on the doctors to give you answers. Find your answers and then question your doctor.
  10. Live your life. You have a chronic illness but you’re still alive to live your life. So do it and enjoy it!!!!

7 thoughts on “My 20 year anniversary with multiple sclerosis

  1. A mere 8 years for me but absolutely perfectly put. I’ve learned that it isn’t giving in to whatever… it’s adapting and accepting. It doesn’t mean it’s OK, just keeping that glass topped up to half full. ❤️✌️

  2. So well written, forward thinking and true. Love you Jamie!
    I remember that time too quite vividly, but again, look how far you’ve come. Really proud of you Jamie, and this is inspiring for others. There are some things I wish I could take away from you- like MS, but being I can’t, I’m glad I can give you things too- and you take them with open arms. Love you Jamie. You are #

  3. I miss golfing. I joke often about formerly modeling (I didn’t) but I wish I could make it through a round.

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