My day in the emergency room

My day in the emergency room

I’m putting on my shoes to go to the doctor about the swelling that’s going on in my lower legs, ankles and feet. I noticed that maybe the right one looked a little less swollen, but I put my shoes on anyway so I can go to the doctor. When I got to the doctor a game plan was almost already in place before she even looked down at my feet. She touch my feet, she looked at the rapid weight gain (up 6lbs in less than 4 weeks) and told me that I really should be going to the emergency room. What???? It wasn’t that they thought it was a true emergency, but being that I had a family history with clotting, my neurological issues with multiple sclerosis, and real swelling in my feet I needed to many tests. Why send me from doctor to doctor to doctor when the hospital can get everything done. This way the doctor can get the results and see it quickly.

I was being tested first and foremost for blood clots in my legs (although this was the least of the suspects because it was both of my legs and blood clots a very rare to be both legs causing swelling). The second thing they were looking for was bloodwork to check my liver and kidney to make sure that something wasn’t functioning improperly causing water to build up in my body. The third thing they were looking for was congestive heart failure. OMG!!! Congestive heart failure, I’m 46 and I quit smoking years ago!!!!!

I must’ve gone to the hospital around 10:30 it was a good grueling morning. Not that the people weren’t super nice, everything just takes so long. They took my blood they gave me an EKG and they did a Doppler on my legs. I have no blood clot’s, I had no signs of any heart blockage or heart attack, my kidneys and my liver were fine. What did show is an enzyme in my cardiac work up that was elevated. Since the EKG was fine and ratio was fine they tend to believe this elevated enzyme is more of a muscular skeletal enzyme. WTF??? Even when they were explaining to me they said it’s a tough thing to explain so I’m still sitting here saying WTF!!! When I got home I finally looked it up and this enzyme that’s elevated, if I’m looking at the correct thing, can because by statin drug that I’m taking which I told the hospital. So now after all this I have to go back to my primary care doctor who has to maybe send me to a cardiac specialist and I still need to see an endocrinologist for the weight gain.

Oh and by the way the swelling of the feet, The answer is maybe it’s getting better since you notice this morning it looked better. Either that or it might have something to do with your multiple sclerosis. Since every time we can find an answer to everything we blame multiple sclerosis. That was how my day went and I didn’t get home until 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Again as always with no answers.

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  1. My right foot is really swollen as well. My neurologist is not concerned as long as there seems to be blood flow. My right hand and foot are also different color than my left hand and foot. It is very disconcerting.

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