The highest card in my hand is my family

The highest card in my hand is my family

I’ve written many posts about my family. I have said many times how much they support me, how amazing they are, and how I truly truly cherish them. I was packing yesterday, and one of my drawers are all these little notes from my dad. There  is easily 50 pieces of paper. See every couple of months my dad sends me something and in it he always writes a small note. And every time he writes me, I put the note in a draw.  I just didn’t realize how many notes it really was until yesterday. I didn’t read them, I don’t want to yet. I know why I’ve been saving all these notes.  These will be my conversations with my dad when he’s not here anymore. However, when it comes to my dad, he and I connect on such a crazy level somehow or another I think he’ll communicate with me when he’s gone anyway. If he’s reading this he’s probably laughing  because he knows it’s true. All those pieces of paper with just a couple of little words and they mean so much to me. I’m so happy to have them and I couldn’t even tell you what any of them said.  I know I’ve thrown out maybe one over the last 10 years because he was mad at me and it wasn’t nice but other than that they’ve all just been saved and put in that draw. Now that that’s piece is being sold I’m going to have to find a new home for them.

I went shopping the other day for furniture with my mom and stepdad. It was my mom and stepdad who made this purchase of my new condo possible. It’s always exciting shopping buying things for your new home. We bought the sofa and I was still looking for a coffee table but we ended up buying an accent chair which is really really pretty and the coolest light fixture to go over my dining room table. It was just so exciting and fun. We even found a new throw  blanket for me that matches my new color scheme. We spent a fortune in Pier 1. The next day we all said what a great time we all had. My mother said my stepdad is over the moon happy because I am so over the moon happy. Have you ever felt that way? Has anybody ever felt that way about you? That you were just so happy because you made someone else so happy. That’s what this was. He explained to me that he and my mom had wanted to give me my own place for years and they were finally able to do. It was just the most  heartwarming words I ever heard. Everybody knows how I feel about them there’s no question how much I love them. However to hear how much they love me, I don’t even think I can ever find the words explain how that made me feel.

I am just so grateful for my family. I’ve always been grateful for my family. I’m just thankful for them not only because I really love them, but because they’re all really good people. They all have such big hearts and I just love them all. I had such a wonderful supporting group and I am so fortunate because I didn’t choose these people life choose them for me. I just hit the lottery. Not  only my immediate family but my extended family as well. Today I just wanted to say thank you to all them to my dad to my stepmom, to my mom to my stepdad, to my sisters, to my cousins, step brothers to them all, every one of them. I really have an amazing family.

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