The vegan has left the building

The vegan has left the building

I gave it a good year but now I’m putting on weight and I have no idea why. I joined weight watchers and the first week I lost weight but then the last two weeks, I’ve gained. I track everything. I measure my portions. I even cut out sugar. I don’t get it. So I’m trying something new this week. I’m cutting out the carbs and seeing what happens. I know I sound crazy. I’ve been a vegan for a year and I haven’t gained weight but that’s not true. Over the year, I was slowly putting on weight but it just wasn’t seen on the scale. The biggest change is I had to stop exercising because of my shoulder tendonitis. Whatever muscle I had has turned to fat. At first the scale stayed the same as the muscle mass was replaced with fat but slowly it started to creep up to where it is now. I’m officially 8lbs over my goal weight. Not earth shattering but concerning to me that I can’t get the number to move.

Since I would never be vegan because of social reasons because I wouldn’t never watch those horrible documentaries, going back was easy. However, I’ll never eat like I did before. I’m still going to eat mostly vegan. I’ll still be making my vegan soups and some of my other vegan recipes. I just am adding fish and some chicken or turkey. I won’t eat cheese or dairy. If I eat red meat it will be extremely limited. This is still on a one week trial basis to start. I want to see if it makes a difference on the scale. If it doesn’t then I need to see a doctor. Nothing else is different. No new medicine or any other explanations why I’d be gaining weight. So we’ll see. I am and will probably always be scale obsessed to a point. It is my Achilles heal.

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