My loved blanket was laid to rest.

My loved blanket was laid to rest.

I know it was only a blanket but I am so saddened by its demise. As an engagement gift from my Aunt and Uncle almost 23 years ago, my Ralph Lauren Denim blanket. This was the greatest blanket. Heavy and soft, kept you warm on those cold nights. I’d look forward to every winter when I could bring it back out to cover my bed again.

Last year for Hanukkah, my mom bought me a winter blanket. In 23 years, there have been other blankets for a time until my denim came out. I ended up using my new blanket for the winter months. My denim comforter was washed and put away. What I didn’t know, because I couldn’t put it away myself, it was put into the plastic bag the new comforter came from. However, it was still damp. It sat damp in that plastic bag for close to a year. The blanket had grown black mold all over it.

We tried washing it in one of those big commercial washing machines but the damage was done. It might have smelled clean but there were black stains all over the comforter. In my devastation I knew I couldn’t keep the blanket, that black mold was embedded not only in the denim but the fill of the comforter. I had no choice but to let it go. It is silly, it’s just a blanket but you can’t find that blanket anywhere anymore. They don’t make them like that. Plus it was from my Aunt and uncle and it just was always a reminder for me that made me happy.

It was suggested to get one of those duvet covers but that blanket was soooooo heavy it would have taken a million safety pins to keep it in position. The ends of the blanket were very worn too they might have ripped. Plus with black mold, I didn’t think that was safe to keep anymore. So I said farewell to my favorite blanket. You can see I’m still upset about it because it made for an entire blog post today. I’m upset because it didn’t need to have happened, that’s what is making me sad. It was my favorite blanket and now it’s gone. ☹️☹️☹️

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