Another strange MS symptom

Another strange MS symptom

I’ve had L’hermitte’s sign. It is defined by Wikipedia as:

is an electrical sensation that runs down the back and into the limbs. The sensation can feel like it goes up or down the spine. It is uncomfortable.

If you never experienced it, for me, I’d get these electric sensations down my leg. I’d get it without even bending my neck. At least it had a name.

About four years ago, I started getting this symptom in my lower back where it would feel like a wave of heat that literally came and crippled my hands. It was the most bizarre thing, it would come from the left side and cripple my right hand for like 10 seconds. I could literally feel the wave of heat going across my back. My doctor said it was like a back seizure. He wasn’t concerned, wasn’t anything he can do and it was just another crazy MS symptom. I still get the symptom every now and then but it doesn’t normally cripple my right hand. It just comes in waves and basically shocks me for about a second or two and that’s it.

Lately, I have had another crazy symptom. This one is being probably the most bizarre. If I rub my left hand in a certain way, I get a shock sensation on either the bottom of my left arm or down my left side. Just by rubbing the pad of my left hand under my fingers. It doesn’t even stay in the same place sometimes it under my pointer finger, sometimes it’s under my pinky and sometimes it’s under my thumb. It’s so weird. Because it seems to move around, I’m not always prepared for it, so I might hit something and all of a sudden get a shock sensation. It’s not even a sensation in the same place, just the same side of my upper body. So weird. Sometimes I just feel a slight throbbing like it’s waiting to have a shock. That’s even weirder.

MS is such a funky disease. The interruption and damage to the nerve cells can show in such strange ways besides all the obvious one. What’s your strangest symptom?

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  1. I’ve started getting moments of intense pain and burning on my shins. I’ve experienced this three times in the last two weeks. Like you said, it’s weird!

  2. I get that hot feeling near my spine and then a shock that goes all the way to my toes but my weirdest symptom is that I feel like warm water is running down my leg. I should be used to it by now but I still rub my leg as if water is really running down my leg.

    1. Wow that’s a crazy one. I love how we explain them too. I still try to wake up my hands because they always feel like they fell asleep but they are like that 24/7 yet sometimes I’m still there rubbing them hoping they’ll wake up. That’s how I noticed the weird shock on my side.

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