The Secret

The Secret

The Secret was a documentary film made in 2006. The movie answers how to get the things you desire most in your life. What is the Secret? Law of attraction. What you think in your mind you attract in your life. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Thoughts become things both good and bad. Imagine yourself like a magnet, except it’s with your thoughts. You walk around and your thoughts are magnetically pulling things to you, like attracts like. If you walk around day in and day out with financial worries about paying your bills, the situation can never change you’re attracting that same negative energy day in and day out. However if you walk around thinking about the abundance of money you have and you feel it in every bone in every thought, abundance will come.

Have you ever had that day where everything goes wrong from beginning to end? Would you believe me if I said your thoughts brought on all those problems? When you focus on the things that are going wrong, you end up experiencing more things to go wrong. When you sit and you have a why me attitude what else could happen, that negative energy just produces more negative energy into your life. So you really want things to change, but the same things continue to happen over and over due to your negative thoughts of how you don’t want the same things to happen. Instead of focusing on what you don’t want, the trick is to focus on what you DO want.

I used to look all the time at condos and houses for sale. I had no idea how I would ever afford it but I looked all the time. I imagined myself living in a place that had a backyard for my dogs or a water view. I preferred the water. The condo I live in now, I’ve been looking at this place since hurricane Sandy back in 2012. One week I was up at Saugerties, by my sister, looking at a house. The next week I’m looking at a house by my mom and step dad. The next week Im at my condo and a bid is placed on a unit. I had help purchasing this place. Help I never thought I was going to have and help I never expected. Yet I always imagine moving.

My finances are no different. I’m on disability now. I make less money then when I was working. My money is fixed, meaning it will never be more than it is. After many conversations with my life coach about this, I finally stopped living in fear of money. When I finally stop that fear and realizing I had more than enough, I ended up having more than enough. I can’t remember the last time I had an issue paying a bill, or running out of money, or having to charge groceries because I didn’t have cash. It just seems like anytime I got cash low somehow, someway money came in. Whether it’s from a tax return, from my mom or my dad, or a refund, things just seemed to workout. The years that I’ve lived in fear over money are gone. I’ve lived that way for over 20 years and for it to finally be gone, I have no words. Changing that mindset was one of my biggest obstacles. Now I’m thinking about abundance instead enough of. I’m changing my thinking again that I have an abundance of wealth not putting limits on an amount. The “where is the money coming from” doesn’t matter, that thought should never be there. The “how” it will come will present itself.

I decided to watch the secret again because I too needed a refresher course. Sometimes I also forget and lose my thought process and how I’m thinking. A course in miracles, that I do every day, that’s about how I look at the world and people in it. It is wonderful but I need to remember my thoughts create things. Sometimes I forget that. If you never watched the Secret, I highly recommend it. It can truly change your life.

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