The Sunday edition

The Sunday edition

On Sundays I usually like to post a recipe or maybe a song. Sunday’s I don’t usually write a long winded blog. The problem is is I really haven’t cooked because I’ve been packing and I really couldn’t think of a good song that I wanted to post. I figured today maybe I would just tell you what a Sunday tradition is in my house that’s been around for a very long time. Marrow bone Sundays and cinnamon in my coffee.

I always make sure that I go to the butcher, or I should say send my daughter to the butcher, and keep marrow bones in the freezer for Sunday. Marrow bones are really great for soups, if you want to know, but I give mine to my puppies. I give it to them straight out of the freezer and they work at it for easily for an hour possibly even two. They pick the bones literally all week long but the are usually clean by the end of today. I did it when I had my English bulldog and now I do it with my two Frenchy’s. They all know it. Boomer, the English bulldog, liked me to heat the bone up just a little bit, Zoey, the baby, likes it like that too. No matter what happens in this house when they have that marrow bone they are completely engrossed. It’s a puppy free hour.

My second tradition, that I highly recommend to everybody, is cinnamon in my coffee grinds. I brew my coffee with the cinnamon right in it. It makes the house smell lovely and it gives the coffee just a little taste of something different. I don’t know why I only do it over the weekend, maybe to make it a little more special. When I set up my coffee I just put the ground cinnamon in with the grinds and that’s it. Anyone that has my cinnamon coffee loves my cinnamon coffee. Especially on a winter day the smell and the taste just makes for really comforting morning. Have a very happy Sunday.

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