Bet you didn’t know this about me

Bet you didn’t know this about me

It was so foggy by my place yesterday, I felt like I was living in a Stephen King novel. I was waiting to see signs of the monsters arm come smashing into my window. What a bizarre day it was. Today I see the water again like the fog was never there. I definitely like it better this way.

It’s warm in New York, rainy but warm. Supposed to go up to 55 degrees. it was exactly one week ago when it was in the single digits that I wrote about yesterday with the cold extreme that I couldn’t deal with. That is a big swing in weather patterns. My daughter and I watched a dumb movie yesterday call Geo storm. It had to do with the weather patterns change it on the earth. It really does make you stop and think, to go in from single digits to 55° within seven days, that’s crazy. The weather will drop again to the 20s by tomorrow.

I don’t know why I am giving you a weather report for New York. I’m actually fascinated with weather. It’s a fact about me I bet you didn’t know. I love crazy lighting and thunder storms. I love tracking hurricanes. I’m fascinated by a tsunami and tornadoes. Not The destruction, that part is horrible and unfortunately it’s part of it. What intrigues me is how it all forms and what path it takes and why. I would love to see every aspect of storms from a safe place. Did you ever watch storm chasers? Those crazy people who chase tornadoes. I use to love that show, I find them absolutely enthralling.

Just a fun fact Saturday about Jamie and something other than multiple sclerosis. Maybe tomorrow I’ll write a recipe. Happy Saturday everybody.

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