Difficulty with the extreme cold and MS

Difficulty with the extreme cold and MS

Last week it in New York it was in the single digits before you add it in the wind factor. At that point it was the negative digits. I went out to eat at a restaurant with my family. The restaurant had open windows on all sides and even though the heat was turned up, it just couldn’t compete with the cold outside. The restaurant was freezing. We were there with cousins we haven’t seen in a while so it was a long dinner. I was chilled to the bone. Even when we got in the car and took an hour long trip back home, I still couldn’t get the chill out of my body. When I finally got home put on warmer clothes and wrapped myself in a blanket, it just didn’t help and I knew it wouldn’t. I knew the only thing I can do at that point was to get into a very hot shower.

I used to have this problem periodically when I took Betaseron. I’d wake up with chills and end up in the shower at 2 o’clock in the morning. But here comes the second problem with MS, a hot shower fatigues my body as well. So I go from one extreme to the other. My body doesn’t regulate temperature normally, I know this. When I went to my doctors last week, they took my socks off. I was sitting for about 10 minutes with my feet dangling waiting for the doctor with nothing on my feet. I always have to have them covered because when my extremities get cold, that’s where I run into problems. By the time the doctor came in, my feet were literally purple. Purple!!! He said you have very bad circulation issues relating back to your MS. I’ve always known this was somewhere related to my MS. To not be able to warm up bundled up and to have to shower!!!! Yet to have the shower so hot that they were times I’ve had to roll out of the shower because fatigued my whole body with the heat!!!Somethings not right there. This situation has only gotten worse. Heat was never my friend, I’ve always had issues, but the cold keeps getting difficult to deal with.

I do know a few people with MS that love the summer and do better in the heat then the winter. There are not many, but there are some. Normally I always did well in the winter. I would say I still do. I like things on the chilly side, but if I get that chill in my bones there is nothing that will get it out but a shower. I never go to sleep without socks even in the summer and even in that heat, I still usually keep my feet covered. My hands, gloves don’t help, I sometimes try those handwarmers, but truthfully the only thing I could do is limit the time that I’m out there. Opting for a shower is usually my last resort because of what it does to me. Does anybody else have this? I know a lot of MS and chronic illness people read this blog and I’m very curious. I’d love to know if you have problems and both extremes.

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  1. Wow. I always suffer from just being cold with my newly diagnosed PPMS I too love in North east. I’m always wrapped in blanket with socks. Legs in cold they feel like Ice. The Hot weather I’m ok just a little fatigue. Shower wipes me out!

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