Leaving on a jet plane…a visit with my parents

Leaving on a jet plane…a visit with my parents

I think that I use that line every time I go to Florida. Although I know I’m coming back on Monday. I’m excited I haven’t seen my father in a year. That’s a long time. I speak to him frequently and we visit via phone but I miss his hugs and I’m really looking forward to getting my hug. My step mom and me, we were always up earlier than everybody so we always have morning coffee together. It became a thing with me and my stepmom now. Sometimes she’ll call me early in the morning, after she sees I posted my blog knowing I was up, and with talk both having coffee. It’s a nice little tradition.

It’s a funny thing as you get older, your relationship with your parents completely shifts. At least for me it has. It’s a different playing field. Yes I’m still their daughter, youngest on one side, second youngest on the other, but I’m not treated as a kid anymore. Yet you’re still not fully treated as an adult. I still get lectures. I still don’t tell them things that I know it’s going to get them mad. I still get in trouble if I do something wrong. Yet the relationship has become more friends and even almost respectful than when I was in my 20’s or even my 30’s. They appreciate the things I know and I’ve learned so far in my life. I think that’s one of the main things. They’ve learned to respect me as a mom. I raised a kid and I might actually know what I’m doing. The level just changes.

I’ve always grown up respectful of my parents, all of them. I don’t think I’ve ever cursed at them although I’ve definitely cursed around them. Except my teenage years, I’ve learned to respect where they came from and what they’ve accomplished. All four of my parents have brought learning, guidance and love into my life in very different ways. Each one receiving their own thanks and blessing. I’m leaving on the plane today, super excited to spend the weekend with my parents. Next blog will be from the sunshine state.

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