Partly sunny humid Florida

Partly sunny humid Florida

It’s a little warm in Florida. Great for most people, not so much for this MS patient. I purposely come down in January or early February because the weather is great. 70 something by day 60 something by night. Not this trip. It’s 80 degrees and a little humid down here. At night it’s a cooling 78.

I realized no way could I do my Beachbody exercise program. The house is too hot and outside is too hot. I said ok I’ll go into the pool. The pool was 84+ degrees. That was too hot too. I stood up to get the outside air to cool me off. You can’t make this up. After I did spend my 40 minutes bopping around in the pool, I sat in the shade talking with my dad and step mom. The partly sunny sky gave way to some sun that kept hitting my one arm which now has a slight red color variation to my otherwise normal ghost white skin. We sat outside for hours. It was very enjoyable. Temperature was tolerable in the shade. It’s lovely here.

I’m sitting by the pool again, showered and dressed, writing this blog.

I can understand the Florida allure.

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