Home again

Home again

I love my condo. Yesterday when I walked in I dropped everything so I can greet my dogs.… So surprising!!! I miss them. I was so excited to see them. That’s the only thing about vacations. I will love being away seeing my family, but I just miss the dogs. Anyway after many kisses, I got up and assessed my condo. I’ve use the same dog sitter for a very long time. I truly love her she’s like my family and my dogs love her as well which means everything. This time, I don’t know, I think maybe she forgot to clean the puppy pads. There was days of urine in them. It was really quite gross and the whole place smelled. So I cleaned up all my puppy areas. I am unpacked only a couple of things that I knew I needed immediately and I sat down in my regular spot, on my big comfy chair, for snuggles with my dogs.

My little Zoey was up last night she’s sick. She threw up has had diarrhea because she was probably nervous when we left. I know this is probably stuff in a blog everybody is so happy to be reading. My marshmallow just seems a little sad. Yesterday I even ate a piece of my no cheese pizza and he just slept next to me. He didn’t even get up to try to eat a piece. That’s what my other dog Boomer started doing than he passed maybe six months later. Marshy just seems off. It’s Making me sad and nervous. I’m hoping it’s just because I was away and not because he’s almost 9. A French Bulldog, as both my dogs are, also have short life spans of 8-10 years. I’m trying not to think of things like that.

Sitting in my chair this morning, I’m looking out at my view, and it is just breathtaking. I can just gaze out there all day. It’s like the view of my dad’s lake in Florida, early in the morning there’s a stillness to the ocean. The sun is shinning bright and I saw a gorgeous sunrise. I’m home again.

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