Swollen extremities…now what?

Swollen extremities…now what?

Going to the doctor tomorrow. Let’s see what this is all about. My whole weekend I was away my feet were swelling. My mom said it’s because of the airplane. I don’t know, it might be. I flew down Thursday night could barely get my shoes on every day I was down in Florida and then I flew home Monday. I just think my shoes were tight before this but I’m not sure. It certainly wasn’t as bad. My aide noticed it right away yesterday, why are my feet so swollen? She asked me to make an appointment with my doctor so I did. I figured I go to my doctor because I don’t know what is going on. Because I’m with an agency, not only do I need to be seen by the doctor, but I need to be seen by their nurses as well. It’s a whole production. Just for swollen feet. My hands are fine it’s just my lower extremities. It’s really more than just my feet, it’s my ankles and even my calves. My aide seems to think I’m going to need a diuretic. Another thing missing from MS patients issues, something that makes them go to the bathroom more frequently. Anyway we’ll see what happens I go first thing in the morning tomorrow. After that appointment, where I’m sure I’ll learn nothing, I’m getting my eyes checked. They keep getting worse but i can attribute that to getting older. It’s never a dull moment, but I still deal with it with a smile.

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