Me and my MS got along well on vacation

Me and my MS got along well on vacation

You have to be thankful for the small things. I’m grateful that my multiple sclerosis “issues” were handled effectively for my stay in Florida, despite the heat. I know both my dad and stepmom are nervous. They aren’t around me daily and the symptoms of my MS scare them. It’s more the fears of the falls I think. I did fall but neither of them were in their presence. One was me once again sliding off the toilet. What’s with me and falling off toilets? Anyway I was sitting on the lid to get my pants on and then I was on the floor. Hello cold tile, how you doing today? The other I lost balance and fell back into the closet doors. They are wood and I’m more grateful I didn’t break them then the fact I didn’t hurt myself.

Other then that my MS was basically uneventful, status quo. Not that status quo is good, it just is. My dad got me a wheelchair and I utilized it all the time. I only used my walker in their house. That really was the big difference. I had my daughter with me who knew how to lift my leg to get in my dad’s suv. We didn’t stay out in the sun unless I was actually in the water. If I wasn’t in the water the shade actually provided enough cool air that I didn’t overheat. I personally feel when vacationing with my MS, it helps to know my surroundings so I can plan accordingly. I know Florida and my parents house, club house and community. I knew what assistive devices worked where so it helps remove the worry for both me and my parents and leaves time to just enjoy the vacation.

My next big trip will probably be Mexico. I have never been there. Of course that brings my fears of unknown of navigating with MS up. However, my other parents and sister HAVE been there and they’ve scoped out the landscape to figure out how I will maneuver there. Since they live close to me, they see me more on the day to day so I can trust them to know what I can and can’t do. That trip is not scheduled yet and truthfully I’m not rushing it. The unknown still scares me even with them.

Navigating vacations with MS is very doable. I’m just not good at doing it for unknown destinations yet. I know I can never travel alone. That can never happen. I am still thankful that I had a wonderful trip to Florida and had a great visit with my parents.

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