Fall has finally come, my MS thanks you

Fall has finally come, my MS thanks you

I think it’s finally official, the fall has finally come to New York. For all those who don’t believe in global warming him, it was 77° in New York yesterday and it was warm and humid. It was gross. For people with multiple sclerosis, or at least me with multiple sclerosis, it’s the worst weather I can deal with. I wait every year to get through the summer and it just seem like this one never would end. My air conditioning was turned off last week but for a few days, I almost had to turn it back on. I was wearing shorts on Saturday night. Shorts in October!!! I looked at the upcoming weeks weather and we are finally in the 60s a few low 70s. All I can say is thank you.

I don’t do well in heat or humidity, most MS patients don’t. I welcome the chill in the air that is passing through my open windows. My body just feels better in this weather. My limbs are lighter, my fatigue is better and my overall body functions better. The strange misconception here is NO, I’m not better. My symptoms are my symptoms. Nothing improves. Nothing goes away. I still unfortunately have multiple sclerosis, I just don’t overheat to exacerbate my symptoms as quick in the cooler weather. I still fatigue. I still have difficulty walking. I still can over do it easily. The difference is my body doesn’t start off with negative strikes against it because of the weather. I might be able to take more steps in a day in cooler weather and I always like that.

I apologize to those hating putting away their bathing suits and sleeveless shirts, I’m so excited to breakout my yummy sweatshirts and bundle up.  Fall has finally come and I am very happy about that. Yippee.

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  1. I am totally with you on the heat and humidity issues!! I live in the south and the weather is so abnormal! Last week it was in the 90’s!
    Heat and humidity for those with MS is horrible!!!! I am really looking forward to hoodies, jeans and boots! I hope things continue getting cooler for you in New York! Take care and stay cool!!!

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