Prozac making a difference

Prozac making a difference

Not too long ago I wrote a post about MS and depression  how there is a link.

MS and depression it’s not all in your head

I asked my doctor to go back on Prozac, a drug I was on for over 18 years. I stopped taking Prozac along with a bunch of my other drugs when I stopped working back in January 2016. I was just taking so many pills to get through a day, I thought by not working anymore, I didn’t need them all.  Well it’s now June 2017 and every pill is back in some dose form except Provigil, which helped against fatigue. Now if I get tired, I am home I can sleep I haven’t needed it to function throughout the day….yet.

Anyway back to Prozac, I now have been on it over 2 weeks back up to its normal dosage of 20mg a day. I didn’t want it to be true but I have to say it, I feel better.  I was very weepy. It took absolutely nothing for me to cry, which is very unlike me. I’ve written posts about this. I’d cry not only on sad things but also happy things.  I was talking to my mom the other day and she said roughly the same thing, she could hear the lightness in my voice. That lightness is exactly how I feel. I don’t feel happier because I don’t think I was unhappy but I feel calmer. I feel lighter. I feel like my mind is more stable again. Most of all, I don’t feel weepy.

I really wanted to be drug-free. I guess it’s not possible in my current situation. I take a lot of pills and I’ve always taken a lot of pills. The sad truth is I need it so I’m not either suffering with spasticity, migraines, bladder issues or depression. It’s all part of having multiple sclerosis. It’s unfortunate but it’s how it has to be. I’m lucky that there are drugs that can give some relief to my symptoms. For that, I’m thankful. It’s just a day in the life with multiple sclerosis.

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  1. You said that since you are back on prozac, “I feel like my mind is more stable agaiin.” I think that is the key. I too sometimes suffer from anxiety that affects my moods. My doctor prescribed a mild non addictive anti-anxiety drug. I can only take 1/3 of a dose because it makes me drowsy but that’s just enough to stop the racing thoughts in my mind. Once my mind is calmed everything else falls into place. I suppose a few sessions with a psychologist could teach me to do the same thing naturally but my anxiety is from a temporary situation. Once that goes away I hope the anxiety does too. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    1. Meditation helps too. It’s a wonderful tool. I start everyday with it but by taking the Prozac it kinda all clicked in correctly. I helped slow the thoughts down. I hope it helps you too ☺️

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